Andrew Lawrence -Outcast Comic?

So 8 March was our last night at the Red Lion Hotel…and who came to headline for us but Andrew Lawrence, the so-called Outcast Comic.  He was wonderfully funny.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Phil Dinsdale, a well known face at Laughter-House MC’d the night.  With his usual warm demeanour he welcomed loads of new customers, together with our loyal regulars.  Our reputation is obviously spreading!

After doing a thorough bit of warm up Phil brought on our opening act.  Nigel Ng provided witty observational comedy; he explored differences between Malaysian and English food and his observations were hilarious. He also added edgier material too – about marriage; suffice to say his story about a vibrating hand is one not easily forgotten!

When Huge Davis appeared he had a keyboard seemingly strapped to his body.  He shared his clever witty songs and managed to be both edgy and original.  Again, our audience really enjoyed his set.

Andrew Lawrence
So, on to our headliner – the highly original Andrew Lawrence.  So why is he the ‘Outcast Comic?’ Well, if you look online you’ll see plenty of controversy about him; in fact he was featured in a Sky Arts documentary referring to him as an outcast.  Why?  Well, some of his views aren’t mainstream and no-one could accuse him of being politically correct.  But he’s honest. If you have a gander online you’ll find out more.

Controversial he might be, but Andrew is extremely funny; his comedy is dark; with observations beautifully put together and plenty of sharp punchlines which just kept on coming.  He’s abrasive and sharp and you do get a feeling that he’s being particularly honest.  His observations on family life went down really well.

So, do you think Andrew’s edgy?  Here’s a video of part of his set – see what you think.

Andrew Lawrence – ‘Fatherhood’.  Laughter-House Comedy Club Basingstoke

So, we all had a great night and now it’s a fond farewell to the Red Lion Hotel…and a big Hello to the Apollo Hotel

Psss… did you see this fabulous article about our move ?    Thank you Basingstoke Gazette!